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The Contrapel Hybrid system will dominate the field of water propulsion in future.  Contrapel Ltd is a research and development company committed to commercialising this new pumping, hydro and propulsion technology.  It holds the key to super efficient, extremely robust and highly flexible ways of processing liquids, propelling craft or generating low-head hydro-electricity.  


Finally we can claim that there is a propulsion device where we are able to work or play in our our amazing marine environments more safely, enjoying, but not destroying or disturbing them.  The Contrapel Hybrid system is completely scaleable and will offer entirely new ways to solve problems encountered in just about every sphere of the industry.  Contrapel will open new transportation options, reduce world energy usage, vastly improve human and animal safety, while setting new environmental standards for boats.  Low head pumping and hydro electric generation will benefit greatly from this breakthrough, as the hybrid propellers are able to operate as fully enclosed aerofoiled blades capable of extracting lift from liquids, even where there is limited pressure-head.


                        Click  mouse here to view some specifications on the demonstration boat and transportation system.


It is not the intention of the company to restrict production and world-wide uptake of such a foundational technology, therefore Contrapel Ltd will be approaching companies with manufacturing and international distribution capability, to gauge levels of interest in commercialising the system.  Although our team has had decades of experience with propeller and water-jet driven craft, which gives a great insight into the problems associated with the various propulsors, it’s been the positive reaction of the wider boating public towards the Contrapel Hybrid  breakthrough that gives us the most encouragement.  


The Contrapel Hybrid is not just a step forward, it represents a revolution in every sense.  Our focus is on moving rapidly to a manufacturing position, therefore we cannot respond to every individual with an interest in the Contrapel Hybrid system.  If however you belong to a propulsion, pumping or hydro-generation company with manufacturing capability and an established international marketing programme, we would be interested in talking with you regarding the various commercial and research options.  If you are seriously considering investing in this technology, demonstrations can be arranged for selected executives and scientists.


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